Teen/Senior Jazz & Ballet Requirements

no minimum age for teens, seniors minimum age 14 & maximum age 19 as of january 1, 2019


·      The same as junior company in addition to proficient quadruple+ outside pirouettes; proficient ala second and fouete turns with more than 3 pirouettes to finish the fouete; attitude turns; arabesque turns; all types of split leaps including reverse leaps and switch leaps forward and in seconde; developpes in all directions and on releve, as well as held battements, held tilt battements and developpes, and balances in a arabesque and attitude derierre and devant, both flat and on releve; and being able to put all of the technical skills into combinations in a progression or in the center. See Junior Jazz Requirements

·      Improvisation skills in both jazz and contemporary!

·      Strong performing and personality skills!!

·      The ability to learn a combination in the center quickly, accurately and with showmanship.


·      All of the barre skills listed in the junior level, but in a more advanced combination. See Junior Ballet Requirements

·      Center combinations will include triple turned out pirouettes (en dehors and en dedans), arabesque and attitude turns (all en dehors and en dedans). Petit allegro will include all types of beating steps and beat additions. Allegro will have waltz and balance steps in combinations with promenades in all positions as well as double pique turns, fouete turns, etc. Grande allegro will include all types of big sauté jumps, traveling steps, and pirouettes.