By "Dressing the Part" dancers feel like DANCERS!

BALLET: Girls must have leotards, tights, and pink split soled ballet slippers (please do NOT put them in Isatoner slippers or full soled ballet slippers). Their hair must be in a bun with NO hair in their faces. You can put a hairnet over the bun to keep all of the pieces of hair in place. Boys must wear a fitted tank shirt, shorts that are above the knee-cap, and black split soled ballet shoes. ½ ballet shoes are acceptable for both male and female dancers as well for ballet.

Ballet Slippers can be ordered through us prior to August 25th by filling out the provided order form, or through The style we prefer is Capezio 2033C/2033. You will need to sew your own elastic straps on. Boys: SanshaS1C in black. It is also fine to wear ½ ballet slippers and those will need to be ordered through us, or via, however we prefer the style from our personal distributor better than that of the discount dance style.

Leotards & tights can also be ordered through or

JAZZ: Girls must wear clothing they can move easily in. Hot shorts, tank tops, dance pants, crop tops, leotards, tights, hot shorts, and fitted running pants can be worn for jazz. Please make sure that we can see the lines of the body in whatever is worn. We prefer the girls to have fitted dance attire for jazz so that we can see their knees, feet, and placement of their upper-bodies. This helps the instructor to make necessary corrections for the child to improve. The students can wear ½ ballet slippers, or socks to jazz class. Boys must also wear clothing they can move in. Basketball shorts and t-shirts or sweats, etc. can be worn, but must not cover their feet. They can also wear ½ ballet shoes or socks. Outfits for jazz class can be ordered at or .

TAP: Tap shoes are an absolute MUST!! We prefer Bloch S0301L out of for our older students. For our younger students we like the “mary jane” style tap shoe with the buckle so that we are not constantly tying shoes during the class. All tap shoes must be BLACK!! You can order the “mary janes” through us because they are cheaper through our distributor than on-line. Clothing for tap can be loose fitted comfortable clothing but must not cover the ankles so that the instructors can see the child’s footwork.

Tap Companies: all minis must have Bloch S0301L style shoes. All juniors can either wear the Bloch style shoes or order the Student 730’s through us. They are a better shoe for more advanced dancers. Seniors can chose either the 730’s or the most advanced and also most expensive K360’s which both must be ordered through us. We would prefer ALL senior company members to be wearing the K360’s but because they are extremely expensive we can only suggest it and not require it.

TUMBLING: Comfortable clothes like shorts and tops can be worn for tumbling and/or dancewear like hot shorts and leotards or tanks or crop-tops. Make sure that it is clothing that does NOT have buckles or hard clips so that it does not hurt the child when they roll or the spotters when they are helping the child. No jeans or jean shorts of any kind!! Make sure that the girls have their hair pulled back and away from their faces but that the hairstyle allows them to roll on the tops and backs of their heads easily. No hard barrettes or clips for the girls should be worn in their hair. NO tights that cover the feet because it is too slippery when attempting tricks. Stirrup tights or footless tights are acceptable. We prefer the feet to be bare for all tumblers.

HIP HOP: CLEAN sneakers and any comfortable clothes can be worn for hip hop!

·       An order for shoes will be placed on August 22nd, so if you choose to order from us, you will need to have your order in our mailbox PRIOR to that date!!!

·       Failure for students to comply with the rules of our dress code, which includes shoes, more than 3 times in a row will result in the student not being allowed to participate in the class for a day. Consecutive times of non-applications of the dress code could result in a parent meeting and dismissal from the class.