CORE is The Dynamic Dance & Tumbling Academy’s highest level performing company made up of distinguished dancers having outstanding technique, performance quality and style. 

Core represents The Dynamic Dance & Tumbling Academy at regional and national talent competitions, conventions, and performances. These dancers have a focus and desire to fully commit themselves to the demands of Core. We take great pride in our performing company and have high expectations of all members. We pride ourselves on training well-rounded, diverse dancers and provide our Core members with opportunities not found at any other studio in Butte. We believe the relationships developed with faculty and peers through dance are unmatched by most sports and disciplines.

Dynamic “Core” Company Involves:

  • Choosing dance as a priority over all other extracurricular activities.
  • Attendance to 2 regional competitions/conventions and one national competition/convention
  • Participation in all "in-house" Butte workshops.
  • Full knowledge that classes & rehearsals the week and weekend propr to competition are absolutely MANDATORY.
  • Keeping up with monthly payments to the studio as well as competition and convention fees.
  • Having a positive attitude that enables a healthy learning environment for both you and the other members of the company.

The Dynamic Dance Company dance classes are by audition or invitation only. DD&TA Companies compete in all genres: ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and musical theater.

  • Minis ages 6-10
  • Juniors ages 9-13
  • Teens ages 12-16
  • Seniors ages 15 and over

**age as of the upcoming January 1st**

Dancer auditions are conducted in the fall by dance directors Krista Harrington and Kymee Wagner, selected staff members, and Company Alumni.