Mini Jazz & Ballet Requirements

must be age 10 or under as of january 1, 2018


·      Chaine turns all the way across the floor

·      Pique turns across the floor

·      Clean battements in all directions and on releve

·      Definite single outside pirouettes on both sides

·      For those age 8+: double pirouettes on both sides and in combinations

·      Grande jete and sauté chat split leaps to the front and in ala seconde

·      The ability to put all of the above in a progression combination

·      Strong performing and personality skills

·      The ability to learn a combination in the center quickly, accurately and with showmanship.


·      Must have an understanding of basic barre exercises: plie, grande plie, tendu in all directions and out of 1st and 5th, degage in all directions and out of 1st and 5th, rond de jambe, basic single frappe, developpe to 90 degrees in all directions, and grande battement in all directions.

·      In the center: tendu combinations, single pirouette combinations, simple adage including developpes and grande plie in the center, and simple petite allegro.

·      Must be able to execute medium allegro exercises: glissades, assembles, jetes, pas de bourree, balances, etc.

·      Simple grande allegro, for example: tombe pas de bourree, glissade, grande jete.