Junior Tap Requirements

no minimum age, maximum age 13 as of january 1, 2019

All of the following will be involved in combinations:

·      Strong shuffles, all types of flaps, double flaps, triple flaps, thirds, double thirds, paradiddles, and riffles.

·      Maxifords, maxiford turns, maxifords with pull backs, all types of pull backs with shuffles added as well.

·      Double pull backs, triple pull backs, grab offs and pick ups.

·      All types of rhythm turns.

·      All types of wings.

·      Cramprolls, reverse cramprolls, around the world cramprolls, and cramproll turns.

·      Knowledge of time steps.

·      Solid attempt on crawling shuffles.

·      The ability to learn a combination quickly and accurately with solid articulation.

·      Strong rhythm and musicality.

·      Showmanship and performance skills.