Junior Jazz & Ballet Requirements

no minimum age, maximum age 13 as of january 1, 2019


·       All of the following will be in a combination: chaine turns, pique turns, battements, battement and developpe tilts, triple pirouettes, all types of split leaps, switch leaps to the front, chaine jete attitude leaps, chaine renverse, chaine fan, and a solid attempt on ala seconde and fouete turns.

·      The ability to put all of the above in a progression combination

·      Strong performing and personality skills

·      The ability to learn a combination in the center quickly, accurately and with showmanship.


·      All the same as the minis for barre but in more difficult combinations and well as double frappe, petit battement, higher than 90 degree developpes as well as fondu; also, rond de jambe on lair and grande rond de jambe. See Mini Ballet Requirements

·      In the center: tendu combinations including double pirouettes, adage with developpes and specific knowledge of all positions in the adagio, petit allegro including changements, eschappe, jete, glissade, entrechat quatre, and sautés in all directions and positions.

·      Grande Allgero: waltz steps and balances, tour jetes, grand jetes, en dehors/outside and en dedans/inside pirouettes, etc.