Terms & Policies



Students are placed in classes according to their age, ability, participation, and skill tests from the previous year. Some students may be switched to a different time slot if the TEACHER feels they have been placed in error, or if the student shows vast improvement within the first half of the year. Please leave the decision of moving your child up to the teacher so that the classes do not become overcrowded! If you have a conflict and need to drop from a class, please contact Kymee at 498-6270 or e-mail at support@dynamicdanceco.com as soon as possible.


As with any organization, there have to be rules in order to run smoothly.

Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your class and do not linger longer than 10 minutes after. There is no supervision outside the classroom doors and The Hawthorne Association prohibits loitering in the hallways. There is a daycare in the building if you need to make arrangements.

Three consecutive absents from any class constitutes a drop from the class. It is too hard for the teachers to catch up students, and it is also difficult on the student who has fallen behind. No more than six unexcused absents are allowed for the year. An excused absence is, for example: an illness, a doctors/dental appointment, family emergency or commitment, etc. and requires the parent or student to notify Krista, Kymee, or the teacher of the class prior to their absence.

Discipline is a huge part of any art form, please understand that the children will be required to be on their best behavior and held responsible to follow the rules of the teacher and the classroom.


Parking in front of the Hawthorne is miserable. There is plenty of parking in the back of the school. There is also a door facing Burlington Street. Arrange with your child which entrance you will be using for drop off and pick up. Drivers, please be patient and courteous. There are a lot of innocent children trying to get to their cars. Please walk your young children across the street. Also, do not block private driveways, or the natural flow of traffic. The city bus must be able to drive through to the bus stop, so please do not block that area.


All monthly payments are due the 1st LESSON of each month. We will be e-mailing monthly statements to your provided e-mail address so make sure you are diligent about checking your e-mail. There will be 9 total payments for the year for lessons. Tuition is due the first lesson of each month: September through May. Some months have more lessons than others, but with rehearsals and performances, it evens out. If you would like pre-addressed envelopes for payments, they will be available at the dance school upon request. Make sure to put in your check memo WHICH MONTH & WHOM you are paying for so that there is no confusion! If your monthly payment is received after the 15th of the month, a penalty fee of 15% will be added to the charges of your monthly lessons. If you have questions concerning your bill throughout the year, contact Kymee at 498-6270. If you do choose to drop a class, a written notice needs to be placed in our payment box or a phone call MUST be made to Kymee to avoid being charged in full for the lessons!